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We've decided to add other links to web pages that interests us and goes along with things we enjoy doing, seeing or just thinking about so check out what interests us and we are sure it will be of interests to you also. These links will open up in a separate browser window.

Sacramento Ragtime Society/
: If you like music of this type, ragtime, then you need to visit this site. Recommended by Keith

Ghost Town Explorers
: If you are interested in going out exploring in the California/ Nevada area, This is the site to check out

Calls by Braz: Predator Calls made by Lynn Brazelton, a well known call maker. Check out his pages showing his work.

: Realtor of the year at the Nevada County Association of Realtors in 2006. Awarded REALTOR EMERITUS status from The National Association of Realtors for 40 years of membership and experience. Check out his website.

Rancho Olivos: Estate Olive Oil : Handcrafted Artisan Extra Virgin Olive Oil, California Grown. Click on Rancho Olivos: Estate Olive Oil and it will take you to their web page. It will take you to www.ranchoolivos.com

Casa Del Campo Guest House & Retreat
: Not just a room....An Experience. Located in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills. Nestled in the hamlet of Peardale, just a short drive from historic Grass Valley and Nevada City, California, we offer several charming options for your local vacation accommodation needs.

Casa Del Campo Guest House & Retreat Facebook Page
: Please visit our Facebook Page. Email us, message us and let us know what you think.

Casa Del Campo Flop House Creations Facebook Page
: Re-Imagine, Re-Purpose, Re-Visit, Re-New the New in You. Please visit and let us know what you think.